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We Think Global, Inc. (WTG), headquartered in Los Angeles, California is a holding company for novel technologies and services in the Healthcare, Cleantech and Renewable Energy sectors. Since inception in the year 2000 WTG�??s unique value proposition has included the ability to successfully combine the following market creation strategies: A) attract capital for new technologies and/or services with strong unmet needs B) develop and implement profitable sales and marketing models and C) create partnerships that facilitate entrance in both the USA and international markets such as India and China. WTG�??s reservoir of �??intellectual capital�?? is deep and very unique �?? our proven expertise includes part private equity, part high-technology, part marketing strategy. At WTG, we believe that focused niche opportunities have the power to create great disruptions in markets �?? WTG's talent is in perceiving them. That is why �??WE THINK GLOBAL�??.

WTG�??s Founder and CEO is Arpita �??Ria�?? Banerjee.

  • Find an �??inefficiency�?? in the Cleantech, Renewable Energy and Healthcare markets
  • Identify a technology or service that significantly addresses the �??inefficiency�?? in the respective �??value chain�??
  • Coalesce the required finance, strategic partners and thought leaders required to execute �??the new efficient solution�??


WTG Cleantech WTG iHealth WTG iStrategy

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