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Founded in 2000 We Think Global (WTG) is a management consulting and technology company that provides a suite of services including strategic thought leadership and proprietary technology specifically designed to increase company bottom line. 

WTG??s full-service solution includes a technology platform, WTG Insight, that is:

    • highly configurable
    • through which best-practices can be implemented
    • provides real-time tracking of information
    • has great transparency and
    • can be customized for the specific viewer 
WTG solutions are the best fit for high-growth companies in high-growth markets who are looking to optimize spend.  We seamlessly combine our technology and management consulting solutions to provide our customers with specific deliverables that maximize profit and market-share.

WTG Technology Solutions Include the Following:

    1. WTG Insight �?? A real-time proprietary solution (patent pending) that collects real-time data, gathers the relevant intelligence and reports customized metrics.
    2. WTG Connect Series �?? Specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry, the WTG Connect Series includes technology that manages KOL relationships, streamlines administrative data, houses all marketing programs under one �??umbrella�?? and provides ROI on specific tactics.
    3. WTG Emerge - Tool for Identifying and commercializing high-value healthcare products that target underserved needs

WTG Management Consulting Experience Includes the Following:

    1. Channel and �??Go-To-Market�?? Strategies
    2. Distribution Network Modeling and Optimization
    3. Change Management Solutions
    4. Healthcare Promotions
    5. Market Research and CRM Strategy
    6. Branding and Product Launch
    7. Sales and Product Analysis
    8. Financial and Risk Analysis

WTG�??s corporate offices are located in Los Angeles, CA.  Satellite offices are located in New York City, Palo Alto, New Delhi and Mumbai. 

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