Case Studies
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Case Studies

Case Studies - Healthcare

A Group Purchasing Organization Case Study

On behalf of the oncology (drugs and diagnostics) distribution division of A GPO, WTG analyzed the distribution into private practices and hospitals in the USA.

WTG Processes and Deliverables Included the Following:

Understand: Decision Making

Analyzed P&L and built financial model correlating sales with decision making tree
  Metrics: Defined Success

Based on defined financial model and competitive space defined optimum strategy
Leverage: Market Research

Performed extensive internal market research to define gaps in critical path
  Deliver Value Quickly: Numbers

Specifically noted cost/labor efficiencies and savings for next generation plan
Executive Workshop: Buy-In

Met in groups and break-out sessions to �??brainstorm�?? solutions
  Project Plans: The Proposed Solution

Comprehensive solutions presentation with detailed numbers for efficiency savings

Imaging Diagnostic Case Study

On behalf of an Israeli diagnostic company, WTG defined the US market entry strategy for this new product.  Analyzing and implementing the distribution strategy were keys to the diagnostic�??s success.

WTG Processes and Deliverables Included the Following:

Understand: Competitive Analysis

Analyzed competition distribution strategies and cost-analysis
  Metrics: Defining Top Opportunities

Defined �??best markets�?? and correlation of supply chain partners with best marketing strategies
Leverage: Defining Distribution Partners

Leverage current corporate relationships
  Deliver Value Quickly: KOL Development

Worked with KOLs for product uptake as defined by sales
Executive Workshop

Brainstormed with internal and external partners to define optimal solutions
  Project Plans:

Defined detailed distribution strategy including partners and cost for entry into the US

A CV Case Study

On behalf of a global pharmaceutical company the WTG team developed a study to quantify the opportunities and barriers to entry for CV therapeutics in the emerging healthcare markets.

WTG Processes and Deliverables Included the Following:

Differentiation Plan

Developed differentiation plan for client�??s drug in a crowded market along with market research plan
  CV Risk Assessment (RA) Challenges

Identified major challenges to CV RA Tools by physicians and patients
CV Risk Assessment Tools

Evaluated use of current RA Tools through KOL advisory boards and other market research
  CV Risk Assessment Data Gaps

Identified clinical data gaps and correlation with KOL uptake of RA tools
CV Risk Assessment Messages

Developed and tested key messages for risk assessment
  CV Risk Assessment Communication

Developed, managed and implemented KOL communication plan on current RA Tools

A Diagnostic Case Study

On behalf of a global oncology diagnostic company the WTG team developed a strategic plan for Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Identification and Management in Europe and Asia.

WTG Processes and Deliverables Included the Following:

KOL Identification and Mapping

Developed and maintained database for monitoring KOL engagement and drive through strategies.
  International Advisory Board Strategy

Identified new areas of decision needs with KOLs i.e. pub planning
Ex-US Market Strategy

Developed the strategic plan and competitive landscape document for expansion
  Patient Market Research

Worked with KOLs and their patients to confirm and identify new areas of patient needs
Faculty Website

Developed website to keep KOLs and speakers informed of new data and access materials
  KOL Exchange

Leveraged US-based KOL activities to develop peer-to-peer influence programs for Ex-US physicians


Case Studies - Sales and Product Analysis

Sales Analysis   Product Analysis
Commission Reporting
Quota Reporting
Agent Performance
Sales Channel Efficiency
Call Center Management
Customer Satisfaction
Trouble Ticket Resolution
Web Traffic Analysis
Branch Office Scorecards
P&L Reporting
  Product Management
Pricing Models
Discounting Analysis
Product Bundling
Assortment Optimization
Category Scorecards
Market Comparison
Product Sales Trends
Category Contribution


Case Studies - Financial and Risk Analysis

Financial Analysis   Risk Analysis and Fraud Profiling
Revenue Reporting
Cost Analysis
Margin Analysis
Budget Variance Analysis
What-if Analysis
Portfolio Analysis
Compliance Alerting
Accounts Receivables
  Claims Analysis
Customer Risk Scoring
Credit Risk Management
Underwriting Scorecards
Fraud Risk Management
Exposure Reporting
Risk Management
Prepayment Risk
Value At-Risk Analysis


Case Studies - CRM and Operations

Operations   Analytical CRM
Customer Statements
Risk Analysis
Portfolio Analysis
Asset Management
Customer Alerts
Payment Reporting
Collection Reporting
Policy Expiration Alerts
  Risk Pool Analysis
Churn Analysis
Market Segmentation
Customer Profitability
Customer Loyalty Analysis
Cross-Sell Analysis
Up-Sell Analysis
Product Profitability
Campaign Analysis
Customer Service Analysis


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