WTG Cleantech

WTG Vision in Cleantech

The WTG headquarters location, proximity and network into the California innovation ecosystem in Water Resources, Solar Technologies, Renewable Energies and other Cleantech gives the company a strong differentiator in this vast market. In addition, we have a very intense international focus for our Cleantech initiatives. The combo strategies give us significant leverage in this huge global sector. WTG has several collaborations in the Cleantech sector, a few are highlighted below.

Example WTG Initiatives

WTG is part of the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) �??Network for Global Innovation�?? (NGIN). WTG is proud to be the sole partner to LACI for exploring US-India (bilateral) collaborations in Cleantech.  WTG and LACI joint tactics include a �??task force�?? to identify the best course of action for US-India Cleantech initiatives; business events that facilitate interactions between investors, strategic partners and technology/service companies; trade missions and exhibitions that showcase Los Angeles and California based innovations and other commercially focused courses of action.

Network for Global Innovation

We Have to Optimize �??WH2O�?? Solutions, is WTG�??s flagship venture in the water resources space. WH2O Solutions includes partnerships with several different public and private entities, including breakthrough water technologies. WH2O vision is to address the water crisis in California, USA and around the world with sustainable and disruptive solutions that add value �??now�??. One of our key strategic partners in WH2O is Waterneer �?? a game changing technology for removing solids from waste and ground water.


WTG has a strategic partnership with AIHS to provide thought leadership in securing international partnerships and investments for the infrastructure, water, energy and Cleantech space.

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