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Our signature technology WTG Insight is a key tool that we use to deliver solutions of exceptional quality and value to our customers. Our consulting methodology uses the following six processes in tandem with WTG Insight.

  1. Understand
    This step comprises of market research, survey, one-on-one discussions and other activities to identify key barriers, opportunities and unique perspectives necessary to find the ??right?? solution.
  1. Metric Driven
    All analysis will be designed so that it supports the collective "end game" - finding the most optimal solution. 
  1. Leverage Existing Systems
    We believe in leveraging all internal and external resources in order to give the best possible product at the best possible value. 
  1. Deliver Value Immediately
    We want to make sure that our clients start realizing the benefits of their investment as soon as possible.  We do this by: Maintaining transparency in our progress of project milestones and goals, reaching out pro-actively key internal stakeholders to make sure our processes are meeting the needs and making "key learnings" available as soon as possible in order to facilitate it's use.
  1. Executive Workshops
    We facilitate collaborative �??solution�?? development sessions to enable smooth change management.
  1. Project Plans
    Using detailed analysis using WTG Insight we define detailed plans to implement the collaboratively built solutions.

Our Experience

WTG Management Consulting Services Include the Following:

    1. Channel and �??Go-To-Market�?? Strategies
    2. Distribution Network Modeling and Optimization
    3. Change Management Solutions
    4. Healthcare Promotions
    5. Market Research and CRM Strategy
    6. Branding and Product Launch
    7. Sales and Product Analysis
    8. Financial and Risk Analysis

See Case Studies for more specific examples.

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