Company History
 Ria Banerjee - Founder and CEO, WTG
Ria Banerjee

Ria Banerjee is a seasoned entrepreneur with a talent for uncovering breakthrough and disruptive technologies and services with large market sizes that serve crucial unmet needs. Ria founded the company We Think Global, Inc. (WTG) in the year 2000. WTG currently has interests in several point-of-care medical diagnostic companies; a Regenerative and Stem Cell IP discovered at UCLA and several renewable energy technologies and services.

Ria has a BS, Engineering, in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and an MBA from the Wharton School. At Wharton, Ria was a Semi-Finalist in the Wharton Business Plan Competition for her work in conjunction with a UCLA life-science lab in biosensor technologies. Ria was also the marketing lead in the Wharton Global Consulting Practicum (GCP) for an Israeli Imaging Diagnostic startup.

Prior to the inception of WTG, Ria held several positions of responsibility in the aerospace industry in projects related to NASA at Northrop and McDonnell Douglas (Boeing). Most notable is her role as the primary software engineer for the orbiter mechanism in the International Space Station (ISS) �?? one of Ria�??s first jobs out of college.

Ria is a versatile individual with keen intellectual, cultural and public service interests. Trained in Classical Indian Dance, Ria is on the board of several arts and cultural organizations and has produced/directed many original productions in Indian musical theater using universal themes for charitable purposes. Early in her career, Ria taught public middle and high school math and science for three years �?? including one year in inner city Pasadena, Ca. Ria Banerjee can be contacted at

Ria is deeply involved in providing thought leadership to causes that lead to international collaborations and create advocacy between decision makers and entrepreneurs. Some examples are included below.

Minority Business Roundtable (MBRT) Trade Event
Meetings in India in 2014
  • WTG CEO, Ria Banerjee and Alfonso Perez, India Head for Isolux-Corsan with Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh
Rahnath Singh

US-India: The Road Ahead Event

  • WTG CEO, Ria Banerjee, Organizer and Guest Director of the �??US-India: The Road Ahead�?? event held on Capitol Hill, May 22, 2014
  • A celebration of the Indian 2015 Parliamentary Elections with speakers including members of both Houses of the US Congress, Indian Embassy and other diplomats
  • Ria Banerjee, Intro to �??The Road Ahead Event�??
  • Video Samples From the Road Ahead Event
  • Introduction by Ria Banerjee:
  • Ria Banerjee and Congressman Ed Royce:


We Think Global

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